Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Children's Sanctuary a faith-based agency? 
A: No.  Children's Sanctuary is not affiliated with any church or religious organization.  We believe that every human being has the right to practice the religion of his or her choice.  
Q: Who can place a child with Children's Sanctuary?
A: Children's Sanctuary accepts placements from public custodial agencies, i.e., state and county offices of family and children, probation departments, the courts, and the department of mental health.  We do not accept private placements. Children's Sanctuary provides services in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.
Q: Can single people apply to be foster parents?
A: Yes. You may be single or divorced and still be eligible to be a foster parent.
Q: Do people who want to be foster parents have to be wealthy?
A: No. But you need to have a source of income to meet your family needs prior to becoming a foster parent. Foster parents receive reimbursement for each day the child is in their care. This reimbursement is for the care of the child.  It is not income, therefore it is not taxable and does not affect other benefits, such as social security.
Q: Is it possible to become foster parents if both the potential foster parents work?
A: Yes. But one foster parent must be with the foster child when the child is not at school, work, or other adult monitored activity.  One parent must be available to attend meetings, transport children to appointments, and be responsible for the child's care at all times.
Q: Can older or retired individuals qualify to be foster parents?
A: Yes. Applicants must be over the age of 21. Older, retired parents often have a wealth of experience in caring for children as well as lot of time and attention to give to a foster child.
Q: Do foster parents provide a permanent home for a foster child?
A: No. Foster care is temporary. The average length of stay for a child in foster care is six months to one year.  In some cases, a foster child may be adoptable and the foster parent has the opportunity to adopt the child .
Q: Are all children in foster care older?
A: No. Children in foster care range in age from newborns to 18-years-olds.  The majority of children in special needs or therapeutic foster range in age from 6 to 17. 
Q: Must potential foster parents own their home?
A: No. You may rent and still be a foster parent. You must have adequate living and bedroom space to accommodate a foster child.  Children's Sanctuary requires that each child has his or her own bed, dresser, closet, and 50 square feet of living space in the bedroom.
Q: Is there an adequate supply of foster parents in the states you serve?
A: No. There is a shortage of foster parents throughout the country, especially foster parents willing to care for teens and children with serious emotional and medical needs.  To be a foster parent for Children's Sanctuary, you must live in Indiana or Ohio. 

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