Children's Sanctuary, Inc.



My name is Jenny and I am 20 years old. Words can't even explain all the hurt I have endured.  I saw things a child should never see. I went through things no one should ever have to go  through. I didn't have a parent to protect me like I deserved. I didn't get to enjoy my  childhood. I went from an abusive drug addict home to somewhere I felt like I didn't fit in. I was 10 years old when I went into foster care. That is also when I met my Children's Sanctuary Case Manager.  She is such a wonderful lady. She has been like the mother I never had since the moment I met her.  A lot of people think foster care is just plain awful, but it's not. Yeah, I would have loved to be at home like a normal child but what these wonderful people did for me was never anything my mom could do for me. I was troubled, traumatized little girl which only became worse as I got older. I went from attempting to commit suicide to just inches away from my fate with being Anorexic. These people at Children's Sanctuary including the foster parents helped me to get back on my feet. My school was paid for, my apartment was paid for for one whole year.  They truly changed me for the better. October 10th was such a bittersweet day. I was happy to be released but also sad that I wouldn't be able to see my caseworker and foster parents as much.  When you meet such wonderful people Iike these, it's really hard to be away from them for so long.  I wasn't sure how I would do without them. I am very successful now with an almost 2 year old daughter, working at McDonald's and living on my own. I don't think any of this could even be possible without the help of my Children's Sanctuary Case Manager and Foster Parents.


If anyone out there who is in foster care this very moment listening to this, I just want to say that you can make it.  Everything is going to be ok.  You have such wonderful people who care about you and you may not understand it now, but you will.  Take it from someone like me. It's not going to be easy but you will make it.


We became foster parents at the request of a young man, whom was in fostercare and wanted Akenya to become his mother.  From the beginning of our training we knew we were with the right agency. There were no foster parenting classes scheduled for three month. However, Children's Sanctuary staff came to our home every evening and trained us in our living room. They came with CPR dummies and even a small TV and VCR to watch videos.  At the time, we thought we had a lot to offer this young boy, who is now a 21-year old man.  However, what we have since realized is that he and the many kids that have since come to our home through Children's Sanctuary, have given us some life long memories and enriched our lives as much as we have enriched theirs.


We have had over 100 children in our home.  Working with Children's Sanctuary has been a positive and rewarding experience. They have highly trained and experienced staff that are on call 24/7 for both the child and foster parent's needs. We receive support, training, and education that helps us work with the children. We have loved opening our home and our hearts to children and try and make a difference in their lives.