Our Mission

Children’s Sanctuary, Inc. will provide care, treatment, and case management for each child placed in its care in a safe, nurturing home environment with trained therapeutic foster parents. We will exert every effort to provide care, treatment, and stability for the child in the least restrictive setting. We will work with the court, the public placing agency, the child, the foster parents, and the child’s biological parents to re-unite the child with his or her family as soon as possible.  If reunification is not possible, we will assist in finding an adoptive home or other permanent living arrangement for the child.

Our Values

Children’s Sanctuary, Inc. believes:

Every child deserves a safe, permanent home with a caring family.

Every child should be treated with dignity and understanding.

Every child is an individual with human rights and legal rights.

Every child has a right to participate in the development of his or her treatment plan. 

Reunification with the biological family is the primary goal for a child.

When reunification is not possible, than a relative or adoptive home should be found for the child.

Our Vision

Children’s Sanctuary, Inc. envisions a holistic program of treatment for the child that includes the child, biological family, foster family, teachers, public custodial agency worker, counselors, and other significant individuals in the child’s life. We focus on the emotional, social, medical, academic and cultural needs of the child.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal for every child placed in our care is stability, continuity of treatment, and permanence, either through reunification with the biological family, adoption, or self-sufficiency.

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